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About Us

Welcome! Here at Bingo Card Creator, we are a creative and collaborative team of 3. Our mission is to create the most user-friendly and versatile custom bingo card generator on the market.

Our Team

Beth K.

Elementary/middle school teacher-turned small business owner of I am passionate about engaging experiences that make learning fun for everyone. For this reason, I loved using Bingo Card Creator with my students and now that I am the owner, I love the opportunity to take this already great software and make it even better for our customers.

Austin C.

Our super-talented and creative web developer. Austin makes sure everything is up and running. He also uses his mad programming skills to make Bingo Card Creator magic happen. By listening to new ideas, Austin develops new features that we hope our customers will love!

Sugar M.

Our highly supportive and caring customer support associate. If you have a question or comment, she will be sure to listen. And if you have a problem, she will be sure to make it right.

Finally, give credit where credit is due. Bingo Card Creator was originally founded by Patrick McKenzie who has since moved on to new projects.